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Sago’t Gulaman Business Sagot sa uhaw ng Pinoy August 22, 2008

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Nakakauhaw ba ang mga food recipe dito sa auxbreak.wordpress.com, uminom muna tyo ng “sagot gulaman”.


3 cups sugar
3 cups water
boiled sago
cooked gulaman, cubed
crushed ice


1. Caramelized sugar in a saucepan. When melted, pour in the water.
Continue cooking until the sugar is completely dissolved. Cool completely.
2. Add some of the cooled arnibal or syrup to the sago to sweeten it.
3. In a glass, put some sago and gulaman. Add enough arnibal to sweeten.
Fill with ice or add ice-cold water.
4. To Cook sago: Boil water in a saucepan. Add in uncooked sago.
Stir to prevent sticking. Cook until transparent. Drain then rinse.

Di ba ang dali. Mabebenta mo to ng 5 pesos isang baso.

Image from : http://images.dancefreak12.multiply.com/

Food recipe source: http://www.seasite.niu.edu


Business for mother “Tukneneng Business “ August 18, 2008

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How to make Tukneneng ( TuknenengĀ  or kwek kwek recipe)

Pinag iisipan ng nanay ko na mag tukneneng business, since patok na patok ito sa masa. Nag research ako sa internet and this is the recipe na nakita ko.

kwek-kwek (or tukneneng, depending on the eggs you’re using)
1 dozen peeled hard boiled quail eggs (or chicken eggs)
1 cup flour
1/2 cup water
few drops of food coloring (orange?) ( you can also use ketchup for coloring)
salt and pepper to taste
cooking oil

1. put the quail eggs in a clean plastic bag/zip lock, with 1/4 cup flour. shake em until eggs are evenly coated.
2. mix all remaining ingredients exept cooking oil. used a wire whisk or fork, mix it to a smooth batter.
3. dump those little eggs to the batter.
4. put enough cooking oil for deep frying in a shallow pan. heat it.
5. spoon out those eggs from the batter and chuck it in the hot cooking oil.
6. wait till it cooks, about a minute or so. until the coating is crispy.
7. serve with sweet gravy or vinegar.