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Oscar Dela Hoya and Manny Pacquiao Boxing Match on December 6,2008 August 28, 2008

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Oscar De La Hoya

Nicknamed “The Golden Boy” — is an American boxer and promoter who won a gold medal at the Barcelona Olympic Games. De La Hoya comes from a boxing family. His grandfather Vicente, father Joel Sr., and brother Joel Jr. were all boxers, but it was Oscar who took his boxing talent to superstar status. De La Hoya became Ring Magazine’s “Fighter of the Year” in 1995 and Ring Magazine’s top-rated Pound for Pound fighter in the world in 1997. De La Hoya has defeated seventeen world champions and has won ten world titles in six different weight classes.[2][3] He has also generated more money than any other boxer in the history of the sport.[4] De La Hoya’s amateur career included 223 wins, 163 by way of knockout, with only 5 losses. He won the United States’ only boxing gold medal at the 1992 Summer Olympics, by knocking down his opponent; a win which he dedicated to his deceased mother.[5] De La Hoya is also the founder of Golden Boy Promotions, a combat sport promotional firm. He is the first American of Hispanic descent to own a national boxing promotional firm and one of only a handful of boxers in history who have taken on promotional responsibilities while still active.

Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao or Pac-Man, is a Filipino professional boxer. He is currently the WBC Lightweight Champion and the WBC Super Featherweight Champion, and was the former Ring Magazine’s featherweight champion, world champion at IBF Super Bantamweight, and WBC Flyweight divisions. Manny is the first Filipino and Asian boxer to win four world titles in different weight divisions. He took over as the Ring Magazine pound for pound number 1 ranked boxer in the world on June 9, 2008 after Floyd Mayweather, Jr. announced his retirement from boxing.

Watch for the fight on December 6, 2008 in Las Vegas Nevada.

Tuluy na tuloy na !!

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1. Erlindo E. Dalumpines - August 29, 2008

pera pera ang labanan, hinde corona o karangalan ng bansa ang nakataya. sayang si manny. na buyo sa mga adviser nya. na ang hangad lang ay ang pera nya.

Masyado na sya mayabang.

2. Marlon - August 29, 2008

It is more than money. it is the dignity, the pride, and our name is at stake. As I have said, it is more than money.

3. jay - August 30, 2008

well at least manny has an excuse for losing, as we can see dela hoya is a much bigger opponent…. and even if manny lose hi still will earn much much more money compared to his previous fight.
well, PERA PERA nga lang talaga…

4. jun pua - August 30, 2008

e pano kung panalo?

5. reggie - August 31, 2008

this will be the last fight for manny for sure he will severly bodily injured. I know manny will earn a lot of money for this flight, how will he enjoyed the fruit of his game when he lost his physical strenght.

6. masterescape - September 2, 2008

u have a point about what u said!!!
how will he enjoyed the fruit of his
game when he lost his physical strenght w/
broken bone!!!pare I argee what u have
said….pero what ever happened
go for the goal manny!!!

7. LANZ - September 2, 2008


8. chelito - September 3, 2008

kung gusto ba nung tao na lumaban eh! may mgagawa ba kayo!? naghihirap na ang pilipinas.. kaya nagtatrabaho yung tao.. try natin palabanin kay golden boy yung babaeng may nunal na nakatira sa palasyo..

9. Ed - September 4, 2008

I think Manny has the right to choose his share for this fight. First of all, he is one of the most in-demand boxers people want to see in the ring (not to mention #1 pound for pound boxer today). So, he’s just making the most out of it. And second, Boxing is a very dangerous sport. Any fight could be his last. Me pamilya yung tao, so he’s doing it first of all for his family. If Manny beats Dela Hoya, dapat Holiday na!!! Hahaha 🙂

10. Richard G. Ragadio - September 5, 2008

My heart of course goes to Manny. I can only fell the essence of Unity of the Filipino People when Manny gets in the boxing ring. But technically, Dela Hoya has the bigger advantage if this fight comes to reality in terms of height, weight and experience. Speed and skills, they are both equal. My impression of this fight would be, whether Manny wins or losses in this fight, he will retire in his boxing career and will focus on his ambition to become public official of our country. Manny, you are our hero at all time. We hope that the legend of Manny Pacquiao still exists even after the generation of our boxing hero Manny in the person of Boom Boom Bautista and other boxers aspiring to become Manny.

11. Ninz88 - September 10, 2008

Manny, bakit? anong ginagawa moh? bakit ganyan ka na ngayon? Practical ka na masyado …. alam mo na malaki ang kalaban and alam mo rin na dehado ka sa laban…. kung sa bagay pera lang talga habol moh… nakakawalang gana naman.. proud pa naman kami sayo…. pero ngayon parang nakakdismaya Mukhang pera ka rin pala.. kaya wag mong sasabihin sa TV na ” para sainyo ang laban na to” dapat sabihin mo ” ang perang makukuha ko para sa inyo sa pagkampanya ko sa susunod na election.”………..Adios

12. delchi - September 11, 2008

manny! money! money again! dont worry peps, jinki will surely happy….

13. Mark Cinco mactan - September 11, 2008

Pera pera talaga. Pero hindi sya mayabang. Sabi nga nila you cant pleased everybody. Ayos lang. What manny pacquiao will earn for this fight ay katumbas ng limang laban. Manny is 29 years old and hes not getting any younger. Good decision para sakin. And beside he had this chance to shook the world if he defeat de la hoya, he have a shot to make history in boxing that will never be forgotten.

14. OSCAR DELA HOYA - September 11, 2008

Marami ingit sa makukuha ni manny. Ingit lang kayo kay manny dahil marami sya money. WAG NYO PANOORIN KUNG AYAW NYO.!!!! PURO KAYO NEGATIVE COMMENTS TAPOS MANONOOD DIN KAYO!!!!!!!!!! KAYO ANG MAY DEPRENSYA SA PAG IISIP!!

15. Jon San - September 15, 2008

Basta ako mga bro at sis all out support p din ako kay money pacquiao!Well cguro nga dehado sya pero tyak ko my nkita cl n khinaan ni dela hoya kaya sya pumayag n labanan c dela hoya.Yun ang abangan ntin s dec.6 ok…….mga bro at sis

16. vindec - September 16, 2008

to all those who are thinking negative thoughts…well,it’s your choice.we’re living in a democratic country and you can say anything you want eventhough youll look and sound like an idiot and a mooron by doing so.anyway,i think this is the only way manny has to go.sige nga,tell me,sino ba kakalabanin nya eh ubos na lahat sa weight division nya.besides,this is a chance to win a lot of money.nobody has the right to call him mukhang pera (kahit na mukhang ganon na nga) kasi i know na kung kayo ay may chance na ganun eh papatulan nyo rin nman yon dba?kunwari pa kayong d rin kayong mukhang pera.eh sa ganun sya kumikita eh.besides,he has every right to say na para sa pilipinas ang laban na to kasi nman flag po ng pinas ang dala nya at hindi logo ng website o training camp nya.mukha,pagsasalita at lahat sa kanya ay puro pinoy.yung hindi lang pinoy ay yung dollars na mapapanalunan nya.totoo nga inggit lang kayo…well go for it manny.kahit si mayweather pa labanan mo suporta parin ako.

17. vindec - September 16, 2008

by the way,elorde did the same thing…so go for it manny.

18. meloh salazar - September 17, 2008

After beating David Diaz Manny Pacquiao became a POT FULL OF GOLD in the eyes of all fighters around his weight class.A lot of boxing afficionados specially mexicans wanted a Pacman Marquez lll. I also think that Juan Manuel Marquez was the best match for Pacman, and if there’s somebody who can beat pacquiao it shud be marquez. But wait people around the boxing world,if you are pacman who would you fight,? a better fighter like marquez who only cost 5 million dollars or a mike hatton not too good compare to marquez boxing skills but costs 10 million?its business.In his fight against de la hoya pacman will receive not lower than 15 million .one piece of advise for marquez,KEEP FIT UNTIL YOU COST 30 million,when that time comes,pacquiao’s handlers will beg for a MARQUEZ PACQUIAO lll.

19. The Sports Eagle Eye - September 19, 2008

Manny’s decision to fight Oscar might be one of his greatest decisions ever made. At 29, he is at his peak and if he wants to be regarded as one of the greatest boxers of all time like Muhammad Ali he must beat a great boxer like Dela Hoya and he could only do that by fighting at his prime. Greatness comes when people defy conventions and do extraordinary things that ordinary mortals won’t dare doing. The likes of Michael Jordan, Michael Phelps, Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, Carl Lewis, Usain Bolt are just few of our sports icons who have risen to greatness not so much because they are champions but because they have performed their expertise beyond what is conceivable by ordinary people. Take the case of Muhammad Ali, the boxing’s greatest vs. the then feared George Foreman who was considered as the Mike Tyson in the early 70’s. Nobody expected Ali to win the fight but he proved to the world that he was the greatest by showing extraordinary resilience and tenacity and waiting for the right moment to give the punch that knocked out the beast (Foreman). In the same way, Manny could also prove to the world that by fighting against Dela Hoya eventhough an underdog in terms of height, reach, and weight not to mention in experience, he has the heart and determination of a great fighter.Manny is definitely tranversing the path to greatness.Kudos to Manny!

20. bentot - September 20, 2008

god bless manny! ilaban mo uli ang mga pinoy! at yung pera perang sinasabi nila eh bonus na lang yan. eh sino bang gustong lumaban ng free? kayo gusto nyo ba? gusto nyo bang makipag upakan ng libre sa mas malaki sa inyo? nagkataon lang na inoperan ng ganung kalaki yung tao eh, tatangihan mo ba? maging makatotohanan tayo! kasalanan ba ni manny kung yung regalo nya sa taas eh yung galing nya sa boxing? at least eh ginagamit lang nya yung skills nya sa tama!
anong gusto nyong gawin ni manny, magnakaw at mag walanghiya sa kapwa? iwasan natin mag isip talangka mga tol, alam ko nakatatak na yan sa likod ng bawat filipino, pero pwede naman natin baguhin yun eh. iwasan nating humusga kay manny at iwasan din nating magkunwari na makabayan tayo. eh saan na ba tayo patungo? sa boxing na nga lang tayo nagkakaroon ng kapayapaan at pagkakaisa eh. kahit ilang minuto lang nararamdaman mo na magaling ka sa buong mundo. at ibinibigay sa atin iyon ni manny! kaya ang mabuti nyong gawin eh sumupota sa kababayan nyo at manalangin na tayong pinoy pa rin ang panalo. kahit ilang minto lang eh nanalo tayo sa mata ng buong mundo! kung ayaw nyo eh manirahan na lang kayo sa mexico!

21. steph_24 - September 23, 2008

go manny kaya u yan ok 100% suporta ng mag tiga tarlac number one fans moko gogogo! laban sige taats ulit ang bandera lng pilipinas we are proud of u manny

22. steph_24 - September 23, 2008

go manny kaya u yan taas mo ulit at ipag malaki na ang mga pinoy ay magaling we are pround of you many gawin u lahat parasa bansa natin ok !laban na panunoorin ko laban u 100% suporta ng mga tiga tarlac sa yo! galingan yo

23. DERF UY - October 8, 2008

sa lhat ng nagbigay ng negative comment ky manny . tumahimik na kau, hndi yan nkktulong s knya, mbuti pa ipag darasal n lng ntin cya, pra s krangalan ng ating bnsa. suportado k nmin dito manny pacquiao sa surigao del sur!! . punta k nman dito !!

24. Glennz - October 19, 2008

Tama tol….Maniwala tayo sa kakayanan ng isang pilipino…Go manny!!!
ipag dasal natin sya…

25. jonas - October 22, 2008

pag tsure mo dha oi kamu ra elad ni manny…panapi mana ka manny.

26. yapis - November 7, 2008

he he he…kung dec6 ang palabas sa Vegas (gabi ba ito, or araw?), anong oras ito mapapanood sa Pinas? Dec7 ng umaga?

27. greatbrain - November 28, 2008

go manny Go!

28. greatbrain - November 28, 2008

yapis wag ka pasaway….ito gawin mu fomula yan solve mu nalang…



29. cramsky - December 3, 2008

nakikita ko na ang pagkatalo ni oscar this coming dec7….

kahit sabihin nyo na mukhang pera si manny, e ganyan lng naman talaga ang kailangan nating lahat ehhh….PERAAAAAAA…..dbA?????

kaya nga kumakayod tayo ng todo2X,,,,para magkapera….

eh ano ngayon,,,sisisihin ba natin si manny kung hinangad niyang
magkapera sa laban na ito??? ciguro inggit lang kayo noh!!!!????

hehehehehehehe””””go money!!!!!! eh manny palah!!!!!hahahaha!!

30. reivon - December 6, 2008

uu… kc pag nanalo si manny 300,000 ang mawawala sakin kaya dapat matamo muna sya ….. pera pera lang walang personalan .. tabla tabla muna mga pinoy

31. Dody E. Campos - December 6, 2008

Manny has nothing to lose … Stop arguing about his reasons for this match… Instead, let’s pray for him… to win.. or for no severe physical injuries in case he loses..

Let’s support Manny!!! … a fellow Filipino who has given honor to our country on several occasions … We have nothing to gain if we don’t…

32. jungfu - December 7, 2008

manny wins fight with de la hoya!
it’s for the Filipinos really,
keep up the good fight!
dont let some pinoy wise cracks spoil the honor,
keep off politicians,
they are there with you for their selfish interest,
kung mayroon man nakatulong sa iyo noon,
gumanti ka sa iba na.

congrats manny and God bless your family!

33. rachel - May 2, 2010

thanks For sharinG =]

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