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Dingdong Dantes is one of the Sexiest Men of the World chosen by E ! Entertainment August 23, 2008

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E! Entertainment has decided to put Dingdong on their list of 25 Sexiest Men of the World.

Here is the letter sent by Brian N. Potter, E! Entertainment’s Rights & Clearances Supervisor dated August 18, 2008

Dear Perry,

We are currently producing a television program called “Sexiest: Men of the World” (the “Production”) where we will feature 25 of the hottest males in the world. As part of the Production, we have decided to include Dingdong Dantes as one of the 25 Sexiest Men of the World! The list is still being generated but we can tell you as of the date of this letter that we have selected the following males:

Gilles Marini (France)

Kostas Martakhs (Greece)

Michael Lewis (Israel)

Dan Carter (New Zealand)

David Beckham (UK)

Here is the series description: Young, blonde celebutantes may be what you’re used to seeing on news stands, but when it comes to appeasing the insatiable appetite of the world, you’ve got to serve up the hottest most delectable dishes imaginable! We cover the entire globe searching for the sexiest beach-hard bodies and the delicious divas that can melt you with their voices and crush you with their sizzling sex appeal! We’ll also discuss studs that can capture your attention in a flash, pin-ups with deadly curves, famous footballers with all the right moves and their wives and girlfriends who bask in beauty.

The show is scheduled to air in the 3rd or 4th quarter of 2008. We do not have a more specific time frame as of yet.”

source : pep



1. wi-am - August 24, 2008

pogi mo talaga

2. mikmik - September 12, 2008

wow your hansam

3. NICOLE - October 20, 2008

hindi karaw feel ng mommy ko na mapasali sa 25 sexiest men in da world…CHAKAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…………

alex - October 1, 2009

gago ka nicole… anu naman paki ng nanay mo… lumalandi pa ba sia?

4. asianreview - November 25, 2008
5. jasamafalda - December 15, 2008

an yabang mu nicole..
chaka daw c dingdong??
naku po??…
ija..pakisabi sa nanay mung engot na ndi chaka c dingdong nu..
bket tatay mu ba gwapo??
dba HINDI?/
xoxoxo..wag mu ga2nyanin c dingdong..

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