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Jennylyn Mercado latest news update August 22, 2008 August 22, 2008

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Jennylyn mercado is currently enjoying life’s Pleasures with her baby.

I heard tomorrow my guesting ang mommy ni jen and si jennylyn sa startalk.

Rare photo when she was still pregnant



1. noreen - August 24, 2008

you so beuatiful jen!!!

2. noreen - August 24, 2008

your so beautiful jen!!!

3. ginn - August 27, 2008

ang ganda ng kuha, very artistic !!!!

4. nem_5l - October 20, 2008

mabuhay ka jen….

5. nezah - October 22, 2008

i love yah my idoL!!!
I hOpE nah mag meet tauh ng personal!!
God bless you poh…
idol kah poh namen ng bheztfriend qong c jazztine…

6. shaine - October 26, 2008

hi jen lam moh poh ur my no.1 idol…ur so beautiful and talented ..i hope na ma mit ulit kita in person with picture taking….godbless always!!!take care ur self
ur family and also ur baby boy…


7. faith - December 14, 2008

hi jen i really love u …..mwaaah

8. jhoan - December 18, 2008

nakz jen galing moh..

9. jerome abarratigue - March 30, 2009

whatever happen you will always my idol, I want to see you in personal

10. lai - April 13, 2009

gudluck and be happy always…luv u and hope to see u in personal.

11. lorraine - May 9, 2009

jen,,ur xo beautyful…
idol ktah……….nice voice^^

12. freme - May 28, 2009

ingat lage and ur so pretty kahit my anak kana

13. rommel caliente - June 27, 2009

totyo u?

14. micah - August 16, 2009

hi jhem im one of ure fan hope 2 see u soon and take care and god bless

15. MA. PAZ V. ULARTE - September 12, 2009


16. carlailyn mae pormento - October 9, 2009

hai jen idol tlga kta hahaiy ingat love u tccic gb

17. rial martin @ regine atondor - November 22, 2009

hi…ate jen…..i like u m8 in personal….

18. kathrine joy - March 21, 2010

nice day ate jennlyn lam u super ganda mo sa mga picture mo idol na idol tlaga kita

19. aya zan - May 23, 2010

hi jen like you at my age ov 18 i got pregnant and now I’m already a mother but unfortunately i don’t have my husband .,.. i left him that’s y !! take care of your self i hope to c you .. your so beautiful .. not just in outer part ..

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