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Sharon Cuneta di aattend ng Premiere night ng Movie ni KC Concepcion at Richard Gutierrez August 20, 2008

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HIndi aattend ng premiere night ng movie ni KC Concepcion at Richard Gutierrez si Sharon Cuneta ina ni KC, ito ay dahil sa manonood ang dati nyang ex husband na si Gabby Concepcion. Sa nakaraang concert ni Gabby sa Music Museum sinabi nya na 100% sure na dadalo sya sa premiere night ng “The First Time”.

Ayaw daw kse ni Sharon n pagpiyestahan silang dalawa ni Gabby sa naturang premiere night.

Bitter pa rin sa Ate shawee sa nakaraan nila ni Gabby?

Image from Pep

Image from Pep



1. aurora waban - August 20, 2008

Sharon is professional enough to face her ex-husband Gabby Concepcion, she must forgive and forget. Both are happy to thier respective families, so theres no reason Sahron cant attend the primier night of first movie of her daughter kc jsut bec, Gabby attend the primioer night.

I will appreciate both Gabby and Sharon if they attend kc primier night, we cant avoid the so called pag pipistahan lang sila, Sharon dont mind those pag pipistahan , the most impotant is you see kc happy to see her parents are kind to each other now as her proffetional parents.

congratulations kc, i appreciate you Sharon that you did not teach kc to hate her father, like what i did to the father of my son, I teach him to respect his father.

sharon once and fopr all please show to the workd that you are happy with your family kiko, frankie and miel.

congratulation Sharon and Gabby to have a very humble daughter like kc.

2. aurora waban - August 20, 2008

Ohhh sorry i type so fast i got mistake some words.

3. BYANI - August 22, 2008


4. audie - August 22, 2008

guys! can someone help how to get free ticket for the premier night of KC, i saw the number to call in the commercial of that said movie but it was a glance, i wasn’t able to catch it.. help please..

5. sharonians and gabbynians - August 23, 2008

sana makaattend c sharon sa first movie ng anak nya,kung hind sya aattend sa primier night ng anak nya,dahil sa ex husband nya ibig sabihin mahal pa nya c gabby concepcion…………..

6. jen - August 26, 2008

was na tau pake nyan..8’s not our lyf…hehehehe

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