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Medal Standing Beijing Olympics of August 20, 2008 Latest Update August 20, 2008

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Beijing Olympics Medal Standing of August 21,2008 updated lists (1-39 countries listed)



1. patrick ivan - August 21, 2008

philippines.. bangon

2. gloria - August 21, 2008

ang galing ng philippines! yahoo!!!!

3. auxbreak - August 21, 2008


4. bai - August 21, 2008

ok lang yan next olympic ulit…. pera pera lang kahit wala ng medal.

5. The Citizen Cane - August 21, 2008

Most of the gold medals by China are a joke. 17 of 45 are in purely subjectively judged pseudo sports (gymnastics and diving), other than judo and weight lifting golds (legit, congrats), and one gold in swimming for womens 200 meter butterfly, the rest are in silly events like ping pong and badmitten. If they had Olympic Lip Synching, the Chinese would kick the world’s collective hind parts in that too.

6. sarsen56 - August 21, 2008

now work it out by medals re population of each country…..

7. Monica Phelps - August 22, 2008

Citizen Kane perhaps can’t recognize the high skill level, work rate, courage, strength, endurance,speed of muscular reaction and above all PHYSICAL TALENT required for sports such as gymnastics & diving.

The Olypic Games should highlight optimum physical skill physical skill.

Gymnastics has a rule book, judging is not only subjective. Exercises in every discipline are marked according to a difficulty rating, so skill is measured by extremely knowledgable judges.

8. fafa jack - August 24, 2008

asn ang phillpines wla pa khit isa?

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