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Beijing Olympics Medal Standing update as of August 20,2008 ( 1-26 countries listed) August 20, 2008

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Beijing Olympics Medal Standing of August 21,2008 updated lists (1-39 countries listed)



1. The Citizen Cane - August 20, 2008

How many missed opportunities has the USA had for gold? They don’t have a stat for that one. Either way, the US has had quite a few upsets on the positive side.

2. vbn - August 20, 2008


3. Girma Deressu - August 21, 2008

I would like to congratulate the Ethiopian male and female athlets who have performed well in 10 Km races and extend my best wishes for them to repeat the same meticulous performance in their 5km races. Bravo Tirunesh, Kenenisa , Sileshi and of course the hero model Haile Gebreselasie. May God Bless the Beijing Olympic and all Ambassadors of WORLD PEACE.
From Sri Lanka

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